Special Service Club150JARC is an ARRL Special Service Club. “What does this mean?” you ask. Well, the ARRL Board of Directors, recognizing that problems are best solved at the local level and that the local club is the best representative of Amateur Radio’s interests at the local level, created the Special Service Club Program. To participate, a club must commit itself to establish a more effective local presence for Amateur Radio for a period of twelve months. In particular, it will establish meaningful programs in a number of areas as specified in the program guidelines. A truly effective SSC will also go beyond the basic requirements and seek to broaden the Amateur Radio experience and capabilities of its members. It will also encourage a spirit of fraternity and camaraderie among its members.

arrl_transIn return, ARRL Headquarters provides additional support and guidance to those clubs who commit themselves to a high level of performance. The goal of the SSC Program is to establish a more aggressive, more effective presence for Amateur Radio and the ARRL locally. The goal is also to ensure that necessary skills exist and local resources are organized for an effective response to any local situation where Amateur Radio can contribute as a public service, or can benefit from positive exposure.