JARC is a Volunteer Exam Coordinator or simply VEC. This means that we report test results directly to the FCC.  We have been a volunteer examination group for this area since 1984, the year that the VE program began. While other local groups have

Special Service Club

JARC is an ARRL Special Service Club. “What does this mean?” you ask. Well, the ARRL Board of Directors, recognizing that problems are best solved at the local level and that the local club is the best representative of Amateur Radio’s interests

Education Training

JARC schedules throughout the year the most requested topics and training classes which have included study classes for obtaining a Technician license and for upgrading to General or Extra class.  Some past topics presented

Recent Posts

  • Youth DX Adventure Winner 2017

    Youth DX Adventure Winner 2017

    The Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure (YDXA) announced an exciting contest for young amateurs in 2017.  The co-founders of the YDXA, awarded one amateur radio station to the winner of an essay contest they sponsored. JARC member Bryant Rascoll, KG5HVORead More »
  • “Go All the Way in a Day” Program Licenses Twelve New Hams!

    “Go All the Way in a Day” Program Licenses Twelve New Hams!

    The Jefferson Amateur Radio Club hosted a one-day directed Technician Study Session on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Twelve individuals passed the examination and will be licensed as Technicians. The participants were provided with the study materials beforehand and the sessionRead More »
  • PT-305 Activated for Museum Ship Weekend

    PT-305 Activated for Museum Ship Weekend

    JARC members activated The National WWII Museum’s PT-305 for Museum Ships Weekend. The PT-305 is a fully restored PT Boat called “Sudden Jerk” that saw action in the European Theater during WWII.  One hundred and six museum ships participated in thisRead More »