Chronology of Events

1956 – Six men organized the Jefferson Amateur Radio Club on February 1 in the Jefferson Community Center at Jefferson Playground. Dues was set at 25 cents per month with General meetings on the fourth Thursday. The Club incorporated on June 28.

1957 – Club station K5ISI goes on the air January 26. Club affiliates with ARRL and co-sponsors New Orleans Hamfest with the Greater New Orleans Amateur Radio Club

1958 – Club handles television interference complaints from FCC

1959 – Sunday net on 3.950 MHz and renamed as “Jefferson Parish Net”

1960 – Club moves into fire house at 4652 Calumet Street

1961 – Members adopt emblem; club moves to Metairie Playground

1962 – Al Lestelle’s call, W5GAD, replaces K5ISI as JARC’s call

1963 – Club buys novice station

1964 – Club adopts membership ratio of three Jefferson Parish residents to one non-parish resident

1965 – Vandals damage club equipment

1966 – Six meter net at 9:30 a.m. Sundays starts on 50.55 MHz

1967 – “Remember Betsy” Field Day June 22-23

1968 – JARC passes scores from Dixie Little League team on the road to officials in Metairie Playground

1969 – Club station is licensed for general class until Earl Barrilleaux, K5IZD, trustee, obtains his advanced ticket

1970 – JARC receives unsolicited ARRL’s Public Service Award for communications after hurricane Camille hit the gulf coast Aug. 17, 1969

1971 – Board recommends limiting membership to 85

1972 – Members contribute to the “novice crystal bank”

1973 – Senator Joseph Tiemann (W5DNU) and attorney general say hams won’t have to pay $25 automobile “vanity license” fee for amateur call letter plates

1974 – Prices rise to 35 cents for beer and 20 cents for soft drinks in the clubhouse

1975 – Club makes nation’s leading multi-operator station score in ARRL’s November Sweepstakes, working all states except Alaska

1976 – Jefferson Parish Civil Defense and Guatemala’s president praise JARC for donating two weeks of communications after an earthquake hit that country February 4; 12 persons operated 370 hours for the disaster

1977 – Leon Lessard (WB5ZED) and Ray Crain (WB5VJI now KB5GA) remodel club house

1978 – W5GAD/R goes on air on 70 cm (444.000 +5) and 2 meters(147.885 -.600)

1979 – Sid Wilson (WB5GFM) manages club’s part in Navy MARS’ Antartic “ICE” net Fridays during Navy Support Force’s “Deep Freeze Winter-Over 1979”

1980 – About 1,500 attend club’s AMACOM ’80 hamfest and computerfest

1981 – Florence Muleisen (K5PO) becomes club’s first woman president

1983 – 40M Beam installed, now we have 20M, 15/10M and 40M Beams

1984 – Club helps build and operate station K5WF for the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair

1988 – Club’s VHF/UHF repeaters are moved to East Jefferson General Hospital

1990 – A second VHF repeater on 145.37 -.600 is placed in service by the JARC at Southern Baptist Hospital (now Memorial Medical Center)

1991 – Morse code station installed at Childrens Museum

1992 – New roof installed on clubhouse

1993 – Club updates Articles and bylaws, Membership hits 150

1994 – Club tower rebuilt, now at 131′ high

1995 – Club spends over $2,000 fighting malicious interference

1996 – JARC-VEC begins electronically filing exam results. New call signs are being issued in as fast as one day

1997 – Club purchases new all band radio, Emergency generator installed at clubhouse

2004 – JARC appoints new webmaster, KE5BMS, and is born.

2005 – Hurricane Katrina destroys JARC’s club house and all of it’s equipment. Over 5 feet of water flooded the club house. Efforts begin to search for grants and assistance from those sympathetic to our cause.

2006 – Major donation of equipment by Electrocomm helps fund club renovations. Special thanks to Pat Darby, K5PAT.

2007 – JARC was donated a complete D-STAR setup by the Mentone Group of Alabama. Special thanks to Greg Sarrat, W4OZK.

2008 – Major donations move progress of club renovations to near completion in December.

2009 – First General Meeting since Katrina held in club house on January 22nd.

2012 – JARC webmaster, KE5BMS, launches new WordPress based website with Facebook integration and photo galleries.

2015 – Field Day 1st Place LA, 3rd Place US/Canada; Erected 4 antennas; Installed 4 Operator positions/computers; Rehab furnishings – meeting area; Repeaters – 2 in-house/Ochsner; Test study plan; DDXA liaison; Contest #5 – Field visit to KN5O contest station; Website restructured; General Meeting lectures