About Us800Serving Louisiana since 1956

JARC was originally founded in 1956. We’re located just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana in the suburb of Metairie in the Wally Pontiff Jr. Playground at 1521 Palm Street, Metairie, LA. Our club has come a long way through the years, but it’s still about the preservation of the amateur radio hobby. You will find everything from the most knowledgeable “Elmer” to those that are so new they still have that “new radio operator smell”. We encourage you to check out our web site, or even come by the club house and visit us on one of our open house days. (See calendar for more details.) If you’re new to the hobby, new to the area, or just haven’t discovered us yet we would be more than happy to assist you. Here is a member application to join or just drop by in person and say hello. If you’re curious as to what amateur radio is all about and just haven’t found out yet, please contact us or any of our members for more information. It’s never been easier  and more exciting  to become a licensed amateur radio operator.