The Jefferson Amateur Radio Club will hostExtra Class Study Group an Amateur Extra Class Study Group to offer the Greater New Orleans Area Hams the opportunity to hone their skills in order to pass the VE test and attain Extra Class operator privileges.

The program will commence on January 13, 2016 with an orientation session. The group will then meet at the JARC Clubhouse at Wally Pontiff Playground, Metairie, LA., at 6:30 PM on subsequent Wednesday nights for approximately nine sessions.

This will be a “Learn by Doing” study group. It will not be a THEORY or LECTURE class. Participants will be leading and engaging in discussions on the various topic areas included in the Extra Class Exam. The goal is to offer a learning environment with a like minded group of hams interested in upgrading from General to Extra Class.

There is no fee for participating. At the conclusion of the scheduled sessions, the JARC will offer a VE test session for the participants. The VEC test session is the standard $13 JARC fee.

The purchase of training materials is optional. You may consider the purchase of one or more books as references. There is a free PDF file that will be used as the “Go-BY” for leading discussions and study. In addition, other resources readily available on the web will be discussed.

If you are interested in upgrading to Extra Class and would like to participate in the group, please send Jerry Burg an email at Space is limited!

Amateur EXTRA Class Study Group