JARC Members —

Please plan to attend this month’s general meeting where the presentation topic will be Introduction to Contesting, by Ted Saba – KN5O. Contesting, also known as radiosport, is one of the most popular activities in ham radio. Come listen to KN5O explain how you can have fun in contesting regardless of the size or capabilities of your station and regardless of whether you are in the contest as a serious competitor, or just for fun, or as a means of testing your station and sharpening your operating skills.

You say you do not like sitting in the operating chair for hours on end? Come listen to what Ted has to say about participating in a multi-op where the operating load is shared between team members. The excellent facilities available here at the JARC Clubhouse are ideally suited to JARC multi-ops and something that we can look forward to as a club team-building exercise and unique social event in the future.

So be sure to attend this month’s general meeting Thursday September 24.

Hope to see you at the meeting,



Introduction to Contesting, by Ted Saba – KN5O
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