Ham Radio HF DXing

by Don Boudreau, W5FKX

  • Member DDXA
  • PHD Solid-State Physics
  • Retired Biophysics/Biostatistics Professor LSU MC

Don was first licensed in 1954 and holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio license.  His primary interest is chasing IOTAs and DX and is on the DX honor roll for CW, SSB, and Digital modes. He has operated as DX under the calls – V31KX, KL7/W5FKX, OX/W5FKX, VE3/W5FKX, W5FKX/BY1RX, and PJ2/W5FKX and has activated a number of IOTAs.

A short membership meeting beginning at 7:00pm will precede the presentation at 7:30.


JARC Meeting and DX Presentation Thursday August 27th
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