Amateur Radio Internet Television and Radio Programs

Compiled By: Jerry Burg, N5GKJ


Ham Nation on     Live on Wednesdays at 8:00 pm

Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks and others provide various information on Amateur Radio including Newsline and Smoke and Solder (Kit Building, Do it Yourself, etc.) Very good program that covers a range of topics related to the hobby. Past episodes can be viewed. Also see the individual show notes at the Various Nets are conducted after the show on HF, D-Star and Echolink.



George Thomas, Tommy Martin and Peter Berrett produce a monthly program that covers all facets of Amateur Radio. The show is recorded and available for download from iTunes, Roku, YouTube or the AmateurLogic.TV website.



George Thomas and Tommy Martin produce a new show for those new to the hobby and interested in getting into Amateur Radio. Each episode covers several questions on the Technician Test.


Ham Radio Now (formerly known as Amateur Radio Video News)

Gary Pearce introduces various videos on topics discussed at Amateur Radio events held throughout the country.


HQARadio (The Amateur Radio Podcast Site)

Podcasts on topics related to amateur radio. Appears to be inactive now? Information is still relevant.


Amateur Radio Newsline

A weekly news program reporting on Amateur Radio issues.


ICQ Amateur/Ham Radio News

            Podcasts for amateurs by amateurs.


K7AGE Amateur Radio Channel

            Randy (K7AGE) produces YouTube videos on a multitude of Amateur Radio activities.



Tom(W5KUB) transmits live and records programs at various Amateur Radio events throughout the USA. Tom also hosts a weekly program that streams on the internet.


A multitude of programs uploaded by individuals on topics related to Amateur Radio. Caution prevails!


Amateur Radio Television and Radio Programs
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